What is SureNano™?

Developed by Activated Nano, SureNano™ is a food-grade compound that provides a base for high-performance hemp and cannabis nano emulsions. It is composed of 6 natural ingredients, all of which are FDA approved as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) in foods.

Does your product contain cannabis?

No. SureNano™ is a food product and contains no hemp or cannabis. It is used by licensed producers who add their own cannabis and/or hemp oils. Some customers use SureNano™ to create nano-emulsions from other oil-soluble active ingredients such as turmeric extract or vitamin E.

Who would use SureNano™?

Licensed or qualified producer of finished hemp and cannabis edible consumer products use SureNano™ to power a range of new categories of goods, such as beverages, candies, oral sprays, baked goods, topicals, tinctures, tablets, seltzers, mixed powders, and bitters.

How does SureNano™ work?

Activated Nano’s SureNano™ is formulated to replace the first stage of digestion in the body. The stage where a large piece of oil is broken down into tiny, water-friendly pieces of oil. This is the stage that introduces nearly all of the variability in the digestion of cannabis and hemp edible products. By doing the body’s work in the lab, we remove the digestive variability in the finished products.

How is it made?

Nano-emulsions are made from an emulsifying compound, like Activated Nano’s SureNano™, water and cannabis or hemp extract. Ingredients are then mixed together and then processed in specialized equipment that is capable of creating nano-scale particles.

Do you offer equipment to produce nano emulsions?

Activated Nano offers assistance with purchasing 3 levels of laboratory and production systems, including the services of procurement, installation, SOP development, and training as well as general consulting services.

We can offer an introduction to Activated Nano who provides the equipment to produce nono emulsions.